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There are many ways a Samsung Watch might come into contact with water or liquid. The level of device damage might vary based on the amount of exposure to liquid. From extensive repairs on a submerged phone to simple component replacement, our expert technicians will promptly diagnose your Samsung Watch and provide a solution.

We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service, and we'll do everything we can to fix phones with liquid damage. Visit our Carson City NV location for fast, affordable water-damaged phone repairs.

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No matter what kind of water/liquid-related issue your device has, our team in Carson City, NV, provides affordable Samsung Watch repair services. We offer same-day service, and we use only the highest quality parts, so you can be confident that your updated device will perform after its repair.

PhoneFix Center specializes in watch repair in Carson City that offers reliable service at competitive prices. Visit us today for all your watch repair needs!

Next time you wonder, "Where can I fix my water-damaged Samsung Watch?" Know that local phone repair is just a click away when you choose to work with Phonefix Center. Give us a call or reach out online for fast, friendly service.We even offer mail-in repair options. For comprehensive Samsung Watch damage repair in Carson City NV, trust the skilled team at Phonefix.


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If you suspect your Samsung Watch has come into contact with water, we recommend turning your Samsung Watch off and removing the case to free any trapped water. You can also observe the screen to see if any moisture appears to be underneath it.

If you can take the back cover off your Samsung Watch , check for corrosion in the SIM card slot. Another indicator of long-term liquid damage is fuzzy growth, or mold, on the headphone jack or the charging port. While these signs may be concerning, Samsung Watch water damage repair in Carson City, NV, has never been easier with our knowledgeable technicians on the job.

The water Damage Repair process can be complicated.

First: Make sure you never plug the Samsung Watch to the charger; why?

– Because electricity with water can overflow and toast the logic board.

Second: Don’t USE rice. Bag of Rice is a Myth If you want your Samsung Watch not working again, put in a bag of rice for few days; why?

– Because it gives the water enough time to hit the logic board and the components get corroded and make it harder OR IMPOSSIBLE to fix your Samsung Watch.

So What Should I Do?

– Take your Samsung Watch to a professional As Soon As Possible. WE NEED YOUR SAMSUNG WATCH WET; if you bring it in dry after the liquid dries out, it makes it harder or more expensive to save it or recover your data.